The European team has achieved the long-awaited revenge!
Despite the best preparation, the Swiss team was unable to defend the 2019 title.
They met too strong Europeans this year.

54 players from 7 nations competed this year on the golf courses
T-Golf & Country Club
and Son Gual
in the best tradition of the

Ryder Cup 2021

On the first day we played a 2-way scramble on the Son Gual golf course and the European team took the lead with
7.5 : 4.5 points

In 2019 it was a draw at this point in time.

On the 2nd game day we played a four ball (best ball) in
T-Golf & Country Club
and here it became apparent that the European team would not be defeatable this year.

Team Europe was in top form and scored 10.5 points, while Team Switzerland only managed to score 1.5 points on this match day.
Interim result at this point in time:

18: 6

On the day of the final, the decision was made in the individual matches.
The spanning increased. Team Europe needed 6.5 points to win.

(The scorecards are still in the club, so the results of the individual matches that are missing here will be added soon)

Final score

33 : 15

Team Europe wins this year's Ryder Cup.

All participants had great pleasure in this year`s

The final evening with the award ceremony on the rooftop terrace and the joint meal on the club terrace will remain in our memories, as are so many other moments and impressions.

Let's look forward to 2022!

After overall victories it is now a draw and we are all looking forward to our next meeting!

Joachim & Coni

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