Ryder Cup 2019

More than 40 amateurs from 8 nations competed in the best tradition for the RYDER CUP from September 24th to 26th, 2019 at the T-Golf & Country Club in the southwest of Mallorca.

On the opening day we played a 2-way scramble. TEAM EUROPE and TEAM SWITZERLAND each won 4 games.

At the end of the first day the score was

4: 4

The SON GUAL golf course was the venue for our 2nd game day. Fourballs were played. TEAM SWITZERLAND won 5 matches here very clearly. TEAM EUROPE won 3 matches, so that the TEAM SWITZERLAND started the final day

9: 7

in the overall standings.

The tension in both teams was great on the final day. Good golf was played, fought hard, and good results were achieved in the individual matches. In the end, however, TEAM SWITZERLAND clearly had the upper hand and won the day's ranking

11: 5

TEAM SWITZERLAND won the RYDER CUP 2019 with - 20:12 - points!


A grand victory, which was celebrated until late at night!

Golf is a game among gentlemen. All the players at this - our - Ryder Cup have proven that once again!

Switzerland and Europe have moved a little closer and friendships have been deepened and made. The fact that everyone enjoyed this competition so much is of course a great challenge for the coming year when we meet again at the RYDER CUP 2020!

We would like to thank all players, the T-Golf & Country Club, Borja Ochoa with his team, Heiner Tamsen, the Greenkeeper team and of course our Marshal Noel Scully!

You made this Ryder Cup 2019 an unforgettable event!

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Below are the teams, as well as the results of the individual game days and the overall overview:


Frank Hofmann, Hajo Ullrich, Rolf Kuhlmann, Heiner Tamsen, Volker Sass, Peter Hanraths, Bernd Katzmarcik, Julius Heuberger, Brian Hollyman, Joachim Frommholz (v.l.n.r.) Im Hintergrund: Lutz Bleeck, Jörg Hertzner, Andreas Binder, Peter Waltz, Kim Steimler, Axel Gerdes-Röben (v.l.n.r.) Es fehlen auf dem Bild: Henning Rehder, Kalli Kuklies, Willy Elspass


Helmut Spycher, Stavros Pascalis, Ueli Müller, Coni Büsser, Alex Brotzer, Armin Streng, Hampi Bigler, Rolf Glur, Erwin Hefti, Claudio Decurtins, Karl Weingartner, Gianni Venturi, Borja Ochoa (v.l.n.r.) Im Hintergrund: Jean Pierre Zuber, Martin Schwizer, Jürg Büchi, Thomas Vaterlaus, Kurt Stocker

The results of the individual game days and the overall overview:

  • RC19-Golfball-Switzerland
  • RC19-Golfball-Europe

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