Ryder Cup

Blue skies, palm trees and a great golf course. It was just one of those wonderful golf days on which we sat down for a drink after the game (at the time on the Golfalm). Heiner Tamsen, Coni Büsser and I came from a round that was also played for a few euros. Inspired by this event and a healthy national sporting rivalry, Heiner and Coni came to the conclusion: a big competition must finally come!

Switzerland vs. Europe.

In addition, it was Coni Büsser who always stated that little Switzerland actually had no chance against big Europe. These taunts paid off and the RYDER CUP was born. An international comparison battle!

The captain of the Swiss team was immediately determined and in my direction it was “yes, uh, you will do that!” A brief protest was pointless and the team Europe had its captain.

So the story took its course.

We have spent many hours organizing this Ryder Cup since then. From planning to implementation, many people were involved in the eventual great success of this tournament.

We would never have thought that this comparison match would develop so well and be so much fun for everyone involved!

Well, there is room for improvement. After all, the Europeans have clearly lost!

Borja Ochoa, Coni Büsser, Heiner Tamsen, Joachim Frommholz

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